LV4300 Using In Ticket Machine

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For office workers, watching movies is one of the ways to decompress. However, whenever large movies are gathered, the cinema is always full of popularity. The premiere movie tickets are bought by fans. When large movies encounter special holidays, the theaters increase manpower and increase the number of plays, but whether they buy tickets or take them. The ticket is still full of people, and sometimes even the tickets can not be bought. then what should we do?

Based on the understanding and precipitation of the industry, the cinema self-service ticketing terminal can realize online and offline interaction, and supports functions such as ticket collection, ticket purchase, account inquiry, registration, recharge, movie preview, advertisement placement, gift sale or distribution. Through the powerful cloud background management system, operators can timely monitor terminal equipment and reduce operating costs. In the past, when tickets were purchased in the theater, they were all completed through manual windows. However, since the cinema was embedded in the self-service terminal to embed the New World EM20 barcode scanner, there is no need to queue long. We can buy tickets directly at the cinema self-service ticket machine. Tickets, regardless of day or night, no matter what time, easy to get.

Consumers can purchase tickets through online selection of seats and seats, and generate a two-dimensional code by paying for a successful mobile phone. After arriving at the cinema, the mobile phone QR code can be scanned in the self-service terminal to obtain a movie ticket; The terminal selects the game and the seat, and presents the payment code of the mobile phone. The movie ticket is also available for the payment success. The introduction of self-service terminals has changed the traditional manual ticketing mode, which not only saves a lot of manpower, but also reduces the number of times caused by manual operations, location selection errors, etc., consumers can also freely purchase during the theater business hours. Collecting tickets saves time and improves the consumer experience.

The LV4300 barcode scanner reads all kinds of mainstream 1D barcodes and standard 2D barcodes (PDF417, QR Code M1/M2/Micro and Data Matrix versions). Also supports reading GS1-DataBarTM (RSS) barcodes, including Limited, Stacked, Expanded, and more. The LV4300 can easily read barcodes on various printed media and display media such as paper, plastic cards, and LCDs. Its fully integrated design requires very little installation space and is extremely lightweight, making it easy to embed in a variety of product applications.

The self-developed fifth-generation UIMG core decoding technology can quickly read various quality barcodes; excellent screen reading ability, special adjustment for screen barcodes, and can adapt to large brightness screens with low brightness and various types of film Bar code; provide USB and TTL-232 interface to meet more interface requirements; image collector and decoder board integrated design, high integration, can adapt to a variety of cabinet applications; using independent research and development of core technology, greatly reducing operating power consumption To extend the life of the equipment.


Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies has a solid background and extensive industry experience in R & D of embedded scanner modules and smart devices. Its self-developed mobile payment smart devices and smart community core devices have been successfully applied in all walks of life including smart public transportation, Logistics and warehousing, manufacturing, smart communities, smart medical, unmanned supermarkets, access to the market's praise! Invites intelligent equipment research and development operations (channel gates / smart access / smart bus / handheld bar code machines / self-service terminals and other smart devices) win-win cooperation, to provide customers with quality solutions!


Shenzhen RAKINDA Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in the development of smart card hardware and software systems, production, sales and operations in one of the national high-tech enterprises. Products are widely used in city card, park area, retail businesses, parking fees, government platforms and other consumer areas. With years of focus on management, innovation and development, the company in the industry.


It has a wide range of customer base and industry reputation, to achieve the city card applications and urban bus intelligent scheduling management.RAKINDA engaged in barcode technology research and development for more than 18 years, we have a mature R & D team and overseas markets, we can help you quickly and easily realize unattended dream.


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